Around Australia Motorcycle Adventure production completed

Production of the around Australia trip on a motorcycle has been completed. After 5 months on the road, I’ve well and truly done motorcycle camping to the full degree and now it is time to move on to the next adventure. I finished the trip filming in the world’s oldest art gallery – Manurrru at King Edward River

Here are some short videos featuring the Pilbara and Kimberley wilderness areas.

5 thoughts on “Around Australia Motorcycle Adventure production completed

  1. A video on your thoughts and reflections on the last 5 months traveling around Oz would be nice to see, sometimes the overall experience can give us different insights to the many parts.
    Always enjoy your travel videos Mark, here and overseas … keep up the great work!

  2. Yes thinking of doing a video about what gear worked and what didnt. The bike performed really well, all my mods worked to perfection – beefed up suspension, tyre choice. I won’t be staying in Australia after this trip -tis the most expensive country in the world, spare Norway.

  3. Agree, and Perth must be the most expensive city in Australia …

  4. super impressed with your solo DR650 trip – how you got clear video with no video-gello from the handlebars mount? ; ; especially interested in your recommendations for “free” camp spots and finding / selecting good spots to stop for the night without wasting money? any tips?

  5. I added padding around the connection to the handlebars and only have one link keeping it close to the bars, the more links you use the more it shakes around I found

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