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In 2014 spent four months traveling the length and breadth of America, from Hollywood to the Wild West, from the Deep South to the Latin American vibes of Miami, from moonshine stills in the Tennessee Hills, to the frenetic pace of downtown New York, and finally visiting the post apocalyptic urban decay of Detroit and the rebirth of cool in the Rust Belt City of Cleveland.

Australian Filmmaker Mark Shea’s personable style features first person stories with locals at each destination he visited. It gives each story a candid insight into where America stands in what many call the Asian Century.

We are currently seeking travel industry sponsors for each destination video or straight out acquisition of the whole series

There is enough footage to produce 3 x 30 minute television episodes or footage could be broken down into shorter location based online videos.

Rough ‘on the road’ edits of some of the stories have been placed on youtube. These videos only represent a small segment of the footage filmed and do not necessarily represent the final product. They can be removed if exclusivity is required:

Los Angeles – Venice Beach and Hollywood

From the homeless of Venice Beach to the quintessential Hollywood couple

Las Vegas – Queen of the Night

The queen of Las Vegas nightlife, Tiffany Masters has spent 20 years in the spotlight and knows how Vegas ticks better than anyone

Tucson Arizona – The Wild West

This part of America use to be a part of Mexico, and Mexican customs still run strong. We visit the shrine of the ‘backdoor man’, a philanderer shot dead and buried on unconsecrated ground

Taos New Mexico – Off the Grid

In Taos we meet the Sage Monkeys, those who choose to live off grid in the New Mexico High Desert

Crestone – The Shambala of the Rockies

The fascinating story of how America’s Spiritual Centre was established in the Colorado mountains

Alternative Austin

In Austin we meet a doctor who not only tells us what is unique about Austin, but informs us what foods we need to avoid as we travel the States.

New Orleans – Second Line Dancing

In New Orleans we learn about Second line dancing and how it’s roots date back to African drum circles. We also head out into the Bayou to wrassle alligators and visit plantation houses and still standing slave quarters.

Miami – Latin American America!

In Miami we visit the beach and check the out the ostentatious fashion. We then head to little Havana and learn a secret about it’s inhabitants

Tennessee Moonshine

We visit Short Mountain Distillery and learn about how old Moonshine traditions are returning to the dry county of Cannon.

Boston Dive Bar South Boston

Learn about the Irish of South Boston and visit America’s best dive bar

New York – That which others are judged by

What is special about New York? We interview television producer and artist, Michael Rosenblum and discover New York people are maybe not as rude as everyone thinks!

Detroit – Post Apocalyptic Urban Wasteland

We go film crazy in Detroit filming numerous stories related to ruin porn, Urban Gardening the occupy movement and America’s cheapest housing!

Cleveland – Rebirth of Industry

In Cleveland we find a great example of American Entrepreneurship, a young design student bringing manufacturing back to the Rust Belt.

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