Overlander.tv has been set up by Mark Shea who has been making films for over 20 years. He is a digital pioneer in the online video arena, many times working solo or with a small crew, to quickly and unobtrusively, complete productions for upload while in the field.

Our team explore the world with fresh eyes, seeking out contemporary stories that map out the defining spirit and ideas of our time.

Our films, such as The Way – One man’s spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago, explore the use of lightweight equipment and personalised presentation to captivate our viewers and make them feel part of the journey.

We have worked all over the world producing our unique meet a local travel series and have produced a number of thought provoking documentaries for such broadcasters as Australia’s National Broadcaster, the ABC

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Overlander.tv make honest to goodness travel related content that capture the thrill of travel! We understand that travellers want the truth about the places they wish to visit, so we endeavour to make authentic videos that rely heavily on the advice of locals. Our youtube channel is Australia’s Biggest Travel Channel with 20 million+ views and 35,000+ subscribers.

Journey to the West Series – Australian Motorcycle Adventure
2016 4 x half hour series or 87 min feature

“A world traveler returns to his own country to explore it’s West Coast on a motorcycle. An exercise in simplicity, camping out and getting off the beaten track. A chance to reassess life choices. The freedom to explore alternatives. What is it we need to be happy and is Australia still the lucky country”

In search of La Dolce Vita
One Hour

Two strangers travel through italy searching for la dolce vita, asking local people about love, life and happiness, and finding answers themselves along the way.
Scott is an Australian wineblogger who had minor success with his first novel. He has lost interest in writing and is undergoing a midlife crisis. Charlotte is a Luxembourg fan of Scott who befriended him online and invited him to join her on a trip through Italy. She has been a librarian for 15 years and feels ready for a change, but is unsure what.
On a roadtrip taking in some of the most scenic parts of Italy – Aosta, Lake Como, Venice, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast, Scott and Charlotte meet the locals and learn the secrets of what make a good life!

American Roadtrip
3 x 30 mins

Overlander.tv spent four months traveling the length and breadth of America, from Hollywood to the Wild West, from the Deep South to the Latin American vibes of Miami, from moonshine stills in the Tennessee Hills, to the frenetic pace of downtown New York, and finally visiting the post apocalyptic urban decay of Detroit and the rebirth of cool in the Rust Belt City of Cleveland.
Australian Filmmaker Mark Shea’s personable style features first person stories with locals at each destination he visited. It gives each story a candid insight into where America stands in what many call the Asian Century.

The Original Travel Vlogger – Central America
4 x 30 mins
Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Cuba

Youtube’s original travel vlogger explores the culture, food and people of Central America, including a sailing trip to Cuba.

The Original Travel Vlogger – Asia
8 x 30 mins

Youtube’s original travel vlogger explores the culture, food and people of Asia, visiting Bali, Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, China, Laos, Cambodia and the hermit kingdom North Korea.

Meet the Locals – New Zealand
One Hour

Explore New Zealand’s top tourist destinations by meeting the locals

African Refugees
Four part series commissioned by the ABC

Mark Shea examines the African refugee experience in Tasmania. The African community started arriving in Tasmania in 1994 and since then 1,700 people have arrived, with 60%-70% settling in greater Hobart, and the remainder settling in and around Launceston.
Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ethiopia are some of the communities now represented in Tasmania

Meet the Locals – Tasmania
One Hour

Explore Tasmania’s top tourist destinations by meeting the locals

Meet the Locals – Vietnam
30 minutes

Explore Vietnam’s top tourist destinations by meeting the locals

Meet the locals – Spain
One Hour

Explore Spain’s top tourist destinations by meeting the locals

Meet the locals – Ireland
One Hour

Explore Ireland’s top tourist destinations by meeting the locals

Last Outback Boxing Troupe
Four part series commissioned by the ABC

Fred Brophy’s Boxing Troupe is the last tent operating in the world. Before the early 1970’s, Traveling Boxing Tents were part of the regular landscape at most country shows.
The tents have such a long tradition in Australia, that in some towns, a young man will fight in the tent, watched proudly by their grandfather and father, both of whom also fought in a tents as young men.
When Fred Brophy retires, is it the end of the road for the Tent Boxing tradition.

The Way, Camino de Santiago, Spain
75 Mins

The Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain is one of the world’s most popular Pilgrimages.
Filmmaker Mark Shea wished to explore the spiritual affect the Camino (Way of St. James) has on pilgrims, by walking the French Way alone and documenting his own personal experiences.
The resulting film is an honest and joyous portrayal of the transformative nature of this
ancient practice.
A must see for anyone who has walked the Camino, or anyone who has plans of partaking in this life changing experience in the future.

Returning Home, A story of Ararat, ABC
Four part series commissioned by the ABC (online flash format)

Follows the fortunes of the country town of my birth, Ararat

Meet the Locals – Australia Series
4 x 30 minutes

Visit Australia’s top tourist destinations, from the outback to the coast, exploring each location, through the eyes of local guides.