Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra, Australia HD

Home of our politicians and maybe the most well planned out city in the world. The story goes that when deciding on a National Capital, those in Sydney and Melbourne wouldn’t give an inch, so decided to locate a city between them.

Arrived in Canberra by the red eye Thursday night. You could spend a week in Canberra just seeing exhibitions. You can visit the National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Library, the National Science and Technology Centre, Old Parliament House, New Parliament House, the Australian War Museum, the National film and sound archives, the national museum of erotica etc etc, I think you get the picture!

Canberra is the first location where a story has fallen through. I wanted to take a light hearted look at Canberra’s sex and drug laws, which are the most liberal in Australia. I tried to set up an interview with a Mistress, but had great difficultly getting a response. Strange…

My back up story is on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Although you won’t find it listed on any maps, it has been located at the front gardens of Old Parliament House for close on 30 years.

I spoke with Darren Bloomfield, the appointed keeper of the Sacred fire.

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