A Lazy Day in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala – The kinda place a traveller finds hard to leave.

Capturing an average tourist day in Antigua, Guatemala. Coffee, Chocolate, haircut, local food, local drinks, shopping and salsa.

Party The Night Away In Ibiza

For a younger generation, Ibiza is a paradise unlike anything else on the globe. During the day, guests are able to soak up the rays whilst lying next to the pool or out on the golden beaches, looking out across the waves, not a cloud in sight. By night, Ibiza’s lights are on and the music blares out in a cacophony of rich, energetic sounds, highlighting the essential party lifestyle that tourists enjoy when in Ibiza. For those seeking fun-filled and exciting holidays to this vibrant island in the Balearic, you can click here for more details and view a range of holiday options to choose from.

Playfully renowned as the ‘World’s Clubbing Capital’, Ibiza has something of a reputation to uphold. Its clubs and bars are many and some of the most acclaimed DJs and artists can be spotted in and around the kinetic party scenes during the busy season. The selection of clubs/bars is varied, with many of them offering good prices on drinks and admission prices.

The most popular venue in Ibiza is Amnesia, the biggest ‘superclub’ in Ibiza and a true epitome of the thriving dance culture of the island. The drinks are quite pricey inside but the range of music played is incredibly eclectic and strives to offer something to everyone. Another popular destination is Privilege, alleged to hold the world’s biggest dance floor, and a fine place to spend your night due to its spectacular and dazzling shows. There are clubs on each level of this establishment as well as a luxury swimming pool; the party never ends.

Pacha, a popular club franchise which has roots in Ibiza’s mainstream party tradition, is considered one of the island’s most prestigious clubbing jewels thanks to its stylish reputation, exclusive sophistication and host of hit party themes. It’s inherently Ibiza-esque as well, making it very popular with tourists looking to explore something a little different. Completing the larger franchise clubs is Es Paradis, aptly named and considered the most beautiful club on the island. A charming, mysterious and thoroughly glamorous destination, this club offers the ultimate experience that no one visiting the island can afford to miss.

For those seeking the relaxed yet entertaining atmosphere of the island’s many bars, there are almost too many to choose from, with tourists spoiled for choice. Sands Beach Bar, which looks out over the stunning Mediterranean, is a wonderfully fun joint which features an exotic menu of Japanese delicacies as well as Iberian dishes from a host of top chefs. Elsewhere, the likes of Aura and Blue Marlin are there to offer a bit of prestige and exclusivity to visitors wishing to enjoy some of the local and traditional cuisine whilst sitting under the stars, preparing for the rampant night ahead.

Whatever you’re after, Ibiza promises a fun-packed holiday which will be the ultimate experience. Search online for a package deal to the Mediterranean now and book your place at the world’s greatest party scene.

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