A change of direction – Motorcycle Roadtrip Australia

Travel should change you. It should give you the time, away from your normal surrounds, to reassess your life.

I’ve been on youtube 10 years now. I was one of the original Australian youtube partners. In 2011 and 2012 I was lucky to have made enough money on youtube ad revenue to have traveled Asia and central america. I was the original travel vlogger.

But everything is in constant flux, and as Darwin says, ‘It is the most adaptable that survive.’ As an artist, you shouldn’t put your work on a rented space where the rules can change. I have seen this on youtube, with the panda update for example, wiping two thirds of the views of early adaptors.

The voracious youtube machine needs more and more content, catering to a younger and younger audience. You now basically have to upload daily to maintain a presence.

What does this lead to? Personality driven content that is no more than people showing you a glamorized version of their daily life.

My content doesn’t fit this mould, I’d rather look out on the world than show you what I do each day.

I believe videos, music, art, photography are of value. And I no longer believe giving it away on sites like youtube, instagram or soundcloud, in the hope of pairing it with advertising revenue, works. It is a flawed model, which leads to safe, dull content.

So I am in the process of exploring various other revenue models. From crowdfunding to charging a small fee for video downloads.

The internet has given creators a global audience. I’m excited about the future. I hope you join me on the next stage of the journey.


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3 thoughts on “A change of direction – Motorcycle Roadtrip Australia

  1. I think you have made a good decision in the direction to take.
    Will you be successful is an unknown.

    I thought of two quotes while listening to your reasoning:

    “A workman works with his hands
    A craftsman works with his hands and his head
    An artist works with his hands, his head, and his heart”


    The definition of “Artist”
    “One who produces a supply for which there is no demand”

    I hope your art will create the demand to support your work.

  2. Nice quotes. A lot of heart in this decision.

  3. Great video, enjoy the run to Broome, and enjoy your new direction – its a challenge to change direction!

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