Barefoot Mystic, Exploring the Soul of the World

Mark Shea - atop a Mayan Temple, overlooking the Guatemalan jungle
Mark Shea – atop a Mayan Temple, overlooking the Guatemalan jungle

I have worked in video production for more than 10 years. Prior to this I gained credentials in psychology and social anthropology, working as a youth worker, in a prison and as a workplace trainer.
I have always been fascinated by the mystical side of life. My first spiritual journey was walking the Camino de Santiago ( Way of St James) and making a documentary about my experience.
I have had success as one of the most watched travel video producers online. My ‘meet a local’ concept, whereby I interview local people about their hometown, has resonated with cultures around the world.

But…it is time to change direction!

Barefoot Mystic hopes to explore my own personal spiritual journey, my experience with mystical beliefs, and how they effect my world view. I will also be interviewing experts and featuring guest posts on topics related to mind, body, spirit.

‘I hope you gain something from the journey, feel free to add your comments and help guide it.’

Buen Camino ( good journey)



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Also some huge changes happening here at and 2minprofile. Stayed tuned!

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