The best way to do an online video business profile – the 2minprofile method

A new way to produce online business profile videos, using a tried and tested method – ‘2minprofile’

I’ve had great success producing business profile videos and believe I have cracked the code with regard to what works online. I believe 2 minutes is all that is needed. In this two minutes I believe all a business needs to do is differentiate itself from it’s competitors 4 times.

So essentially a formula can be developed, that allows both video producer and business owner, to know exactly how the end product will look, and this saves everyone a lot of time!

The cost for a 2minprofile is $2000 (plus GST) and includes help with scripting, interviews, production, post production and delivery online.

Here is an example video

and here is a playlist featuring several 2minprofiles ranging across different tourism industries – tours, restaurants, hotels, wineries

For more information send us an email with 2minprofile in the subject.

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