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Recently Mark Shea of overlander.tv visited every country in Asia apart from Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and Myanmar.

Here he makes a list of things you need to know before embarking on your Asian holiday. Mark suggests places to visit, advice from local guides, unusual foods worth trying and hard won advice from life on the road. Each point is represented by a video.


North Korea
Believe it or not, North Korea is actually a very safe place to visit, as a tourist! We believe tourism to be a good force and as more and more of the country becomes open to tourists, one would hope things change for the better.


Many travellers write Brunei off as a boring expensive hardline muslim country. We found Brunei to be a vibrant, culturally diverse, charming location. It is worth visiting just for the amazing food!


Borneo was one of Mark Shea’s favourite asian destinations. Like a boys own adventure, Borneo is a place one can still find untouched wilderness and unique local culture. Unfortunately, even in it’s deepest, darkest interior, changes are underway that will lead to the loss of local belief systems.

Hong Kong

As China flexes it’s muscles as a new world power, Hong Kong offers an interesting insight into globalisation. Time Magazine called the Chungking Mansion ‘the best example of globalisation in the world’. Considered by many as a little dangerous, Mark Shea found it to be a fascinating ‘must see’ location.

The Philippines is becoming the new ‘hot’ destination among the travelling set. Less developed than other South East Asian countries, the Philippines still offers an ‘off the beaten track’ experience like El Nido.

Let’s be honest, trying local cuisines is one of the biggest highlights of travel! Overlander.tv suggest five more unusual Asian food experiences.

Dog Soup (Bositang) South Korea
Supposedly it is a good hangover cure!

Warm Duck Embryo (Balut) Philippines
Good for men!

Raw Horse Meat, Japan
Strange things can happen!

Balinese Suckling Pig, Babi Guling
The best in the world?

Singapore Chilli Crab
A must try delicacy.

The best way to find out about a location is to ask a local! Here are our five best local guides around Asia.

More than meets the eye.

Seoul, South Korea
Advice from locals.

Expat living in the Philippines
Ever wanted to live overseas?

Digital Nomads in Chang Mai, Thailand
A hotbed for creativity!

Grey Nomads in Bali
Live like royalty on the pension!


Things you really need to try!

Bali Massage
Indulge, but know the rules!

Great fun, a must try!

Vipassana Meditation
An amazing experience.

Luang Prabang, Laos, Night Market
A sensory overload of sights and smells.

Japanese Capsule hotels
Surprisingly efficient.

Hard learned lessons from the road.

Eating out in Bali
Stay safe!

Bed Bug Prevention
Keep the itchies at bay!

Guide to packing for long term travel
Save your back, lighten that pack!

How to use Japanese Toilets
Stay safe, and clean!

Lessons of life on the road

If you could travel the world, free of restraints, what would you learn?


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  1. Wow! What an amazing, informative collection of videos, you outdone yourself Mark! I’ve started making my way through them – what a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon couch traveling 😉

  2. Can’t wait to try suckling pig!

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