Travel Videos – Watch, Plan, Visit features travel videos from around the world by Australian Filmmaker Mark Shea.

“When I visit a country I really like trying to understand how things work and to do this I seek out locals to interview. My videos are candid, real life portrayals of the destinations I visit, the good and the bad.”

Local Guides showing you their favourite locations covering Destination Guides, Local Cuisine, Adventure, Culture, History, Nature and Wildlife. Visit our Video Archive for our list of videos or News for our latest videos.


What sort of travel video do you want to see? is set up by Australian Filmmaker Mark Shea. Mark has been producing videos since the mid 1990’s and has traveled to over 50 countries. He has been an online video pioneer, producing media pre-youtube and was one of Australia’s first youtube partners. He produces both independent travel programming and marketing videos for the travel industry. more info

If you are in the travel industry and wish to produce content with us, or if you are in the broadcast industry and wish to acquire one of our programs please visit our business page for the latest information on what we are working on

17 Responses to Travel Videos – Watch, Plan, Visit

  1. Hello! Very nice site. We are also traveling video creators. Maybe we can gain some inspiration from your site. :)

  2. Cayo Scoop says:

    Thanks for a great video of one of the best caves in Belize.
    Shared on the Cayo Scoop!

  3. karsten overlander says:

    best regards from germany..:-)

  4. Sean Duffy says:

    Hey mark, Duff here, keep traveling really enjoy your work !

  5. Travel Musts says:

    This is really an awesome idea! Who better than a local can show you around?? Keep up the great work!

  6. Jack Douglas says:

    I have watched many of your videos and they are excellent. I “like” them whenever I can and even “share” many of them on Facebook, to show support and help your cause. The bottom line is you are an Aussie and I trust your opinion and judgment about your home country. April (my wife) and I are planning to return to Australia around January, 2016 if everything goes okay. In February, 2013, we went to Melbourne (and Ballarat and the Lorne on the Great Ocean Road), then Surfers Paradise and finally Sydney. It was my second trip to Oz and April’s first. We have been married 13 years. In Surfers Paradise, we spent five days and could not get on the beach because of the near-cynclonic weather that hit while we were there in February. Hey, those are the breaks, but we loved Surfers Paradise and to this day still regret the fact that we could not get to the beach. We dearly want to be on that beach. It is as lovely as Waikiki Beach, which we visited in 2010. So, if we are able to come back in 2016, then we want to reprise Surfers Paradise and also Sydney (which we also loved). I have seen a fair part of the world and Sydney is the best place I ever visited. I love Sydney and so does April. I have been to Sydney twice and I highly recommend it. If you can’t have a good time in Sydney, then you don’t know how to have a good time. But we want to replace Melbourne with a new venue. It isn’t that we dislike Melbourne. It was nice, but we wanted a beach holiday in a warmer part of the country, even though we like Melbourne, loved Puffing Billy and loved Ballarat (Sovereign Hill) and Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. How about Noosa? How about 5 days in Noosa, then 6 or even 7 days in Surfers Paradise and then 12 days in Sydney? Would Noosa be a great spot for that third spot? If you have a better place in mind along the east coast of Australia, what would it be? I just want your opinion, even if I have put you on the spot. You seem like a very honest and decent bloke. I know it is very subjective. I get that, but just wanted your opinion.

    Thanks. Keep the videos coming. You are a talented man and I have enjoyed them. And that Overlander song? I love that song. Great selection man.

    Friends From the United States,

    Jack & April Douglas
    Bonners Ferry, Idaho

  7. Hi Jack, Thanks for your kind words. Noosa is a wonderful spot. I have lived at Sunshine Beach so know it well. Another spot I would recommend checking out is Byron Bay. Both Noosa and Byron Bay are blessed with North facing Beaches, which means they avoid a lot of bad weather, which in turn means more days on the beach!

    From Noosa try and check out the eumundi markets, well worth a visit. And if you choose Byron, make sure you check out the counter culture hamlet of Nimbin.

    Have a great holiday!


  8. Robert Green says:

    As a Travel Videos creator myself I have to say that I love Overlander and that was an inspiration when I created my own site called (not very original, sorry!) Travel Videos

  9. Wish we will get soon rid of our filming equipment package, that would save 6 kg and make walking much more pleasant. Meanwhile, we have to somehow justify for ourselves carrying it around by making films. Happy travels!

  10. jenny says:

    pity, i only read u travel note, can’t watch u travel vedio!!

  11. jenny says:

    need specical softwere for watch it in china

  12. amy says:

    Hi, I’m already a filmmaker but I do want to travel too. So a mix of the both sounds great. I’m planning on starting some travel videos next month. Greta to find a blog like this for inspiration.

  13. Nice to find your site.
    I’m also video creator you can watch my clips here
    I’ll start to follow you at yourtube, cheers!

  14. Hello Sir/Madam,

    We are soon launching a paid-portal website for travel which will include videos of various tourist destinations all over the world.

    Your website contains good quality videos about local travel, sightseeing, culture, adventure etc.

    We ask permission to extract Videos/Images/Text from your website.

    We will be providing your website name as courtesy or/and referencing OR if you have any other way to share the videos with us please do let us know.
    We look forward for any opportunity to get associated to you.

    I, on me half of my team look for a healthy communication with your team and share the content with us.

    Warm Regards
    Sanferd Romos
    Executive Assistant – Operations
    ((+91) 98199 61202 |

    615, Palm Spring, Above Croma, Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai – 400064.

  15. admin says:

    No I don’t want you using my footage. You may embed my youtube videos and this is all. I have told you before, do not re-upload my videos adding your own advertising.

  16. great place of information which i like.. your website is very nice like real tv.. updated…

  17. Lily Lau says:

    I love your blog, it’s always quite interesting! Your ideas inspire me so much I think I’ll start travelling like you pretty soon! :)

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